Design Thinking Bootcamp

(Arlington, VA) May 2013 (3-day)

“I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for yesterday's activity - a real peak experience!”
Faculty Member, The George Washington University

“I've been bragging [about the Bootcamp] for the last 24 hours. Design, implementation, expert facilitation-- wow!!!!!!”
Arlington County Learning and Development Professional

“AWESOME three day experience!”
Senior Executive, Federal Government Agency

Design Thinking Workshop

(Richmond, Virginia) November 2013 (1/2-day)

“What a great experience! Invigorating and engaging with much broader application than citizen engagement.”
County Government Employee

"This workshop was a very unique opportunity for me. Never in my careers have I been able to immediately apply the concepts of a training workshop. I feel very energized and ready to use Design Thinking in my day-to-day projects.”
County Government Employee

Design Thinking Workshop

(Boston, Massachusetts) November 2013 (1-day)

"Great class. Learned a lot and took me out of my comfort zone.”
IT Leader, Financial Services Company

“I loved the fast pace. It was a great experience and worth participating in.”
IT Leader, Financial Services Company

Action Learning Coaching

“This workshop has changed me – I feel like a new person. The confidence I gained to not only coach a group but to offer my suggestion was monumental.”
Learning and Development Professional, Allstate, February 2014

“Chuck is a talented and committed Action Learning coach. In his work with our high potentials, he both supported the team’s learning and helped them reach tangible outcomes. I appreciate his focus on results and his energy.”
Shannon Banks, HR Director, Microsoft

“In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive environment, developing skilled and knowledgeable leaders at every level is our only true competitive advantage. In my organization we have found that Action Learning is a highly effective way to develop leader’s and solve difficult problems at the same time. Action learning is a technique that is well worth the investment. I can think of no better trainer than Dr. Chuck Appleby to introduce you to this useful technique. Chuck is an energetic and resourceful trainer who with deep experience in training this topic.”
Emma Kiendl, Training Manager, Arlington County Government.

"Chuck Appleby is an original, trustworthy, talented, and passionate professional. He is able to work with diverse people of all backgrounds and experience; consequently, he orchestrates a safe learning environment where individuals and teams get to the heart of the issue and solve challenges using applicable, actionable strategies. I highly recommend Chuck, and in fact, have hired him to teach Action Learning on multiple occasions."
Susan Langlitz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Business Communication & Strategy
George Washington University

“Action Learning, as taught by Dr. Chuck Appleby, is the most powerfully practical coaching framework I've experienced in years."
Carol Goldsmith, PCC, NLPT
President-Elect, ICF Metro DC Charter Chapter

"We have grown tremendously as a resource to our organization for Action Learning as a result of Appleby & Associates. Chuck’s keen and practical wisdom coupled with real and relevant experiences in Action Learning were the key reasons we wanted our training provided by Appleby & Associates. He continues to be a resource for us and the scope is truly more encompassing than Action Learning, offering the array of tools, processes, models that enable learning and problem solving that is most powerful!"
Lily Bowen 2nd Vice President Leadership & Organization Development
Fortune 100 and Dow Company

"I have worked hand-in-hand with Chuck Appleby to deliver numerous mid-career leadership programs to our clients. These programs have at their foundation Action Learning projects and Executive Coaching services facilitated by Chuck and his associates. Chuck's coaching expertise and mastery of the Action Learning process truly set him apart from other providers. He wholly invests himself in each program we deliver and his integrity, passion, insight and boundless energy have had a profound positive and measurable impact on participants and their organizations."
Stephan Wronski, President
RJ Wronski Associates, Inc.

“Chuck Appleby is a masterful instructor of Action Learning. He is passionate about the power of Action Learning and this always shows up in his work with leaders, organizations, and coaches. While I value Chuck's deep experience coaching Action Learning teams from many different types of organizations around the world, what I value most is the way he demonstrates in all of his work the core practices of Action Learning: inquiry, reflection, and experimentation. He cares about his clients and uses these skills to help them achieve success and build organizational and individual capacity.”
Valerie L, Strategic Leadership Development Program Manager
US Government

“Chuck—you were a godsend to my program and to me personally. I cannot begin to express my thanks to you for your leadership and guidance. Yes, I am proud of what we have done in less than one year and I look forward to the seeds we’ve planted taking root and make positive change for my Directorate.”
Program Manager, Leadership Development, Federal Government Agency (2009)

“I know it’s been over a month since the class, but I wanted to tell you how much I got out of it, and how much I appreciated the way you facilitated.  The content is of course extremely powerful and useful.  I am self-employed and eagerly looking for opportunities to apply what I learned...Regarding your facilitation, you were enthusiastic, interesting, respectful, present, flexible, open and eminently practical.  I am a professional facilitator too, and I think I recognize an excellent job when I see one.  Well done!  And I can see it all comes from the person that you are.  Thank you for an engaging and energizing experience."
Participant in ASTD Action Learning Course, July 2009

The concepts identified in the Action Learning course made this one of the most powerful training sessions that I have experienced in my 13 years in the training and development field. I was able to take the content and immediately put it to use, creating a dynamic of self-awareness for all of the project participants that typically is not found in a regular classroom setting.
Susan Mitnick, Senior Director, Sales Training, Cbeyond

"Thank you Chuck for an outstanding presentation.  This is the first time that I have seen our members stay engaged at their tables for any length of time after the monthly program ended; a testimony to the model Action Learning and your use of it in a limited period of time... Our director received a couple of calls telling her how much they enjoyed the program.  A lot of conversations are taking place on the application of Action Learning..."
Director of Training, Northern Virginia Non-Profit, September 2009

Building Great Work Places

"Chuck's energy and enthusiasm for building great places to work are inspiring.
Have been in them, he really gets that the focus has to be people, not the bottom line. I've watched him do an AMAZING job of continuing to inspire change over four years at DOE's Environmental Management Group, a place that's had and has a very long, hard journey to take to clean up the costs of the Cold War so that our grandchildren can be healthy."
Lisa Marshall, Principal, The Smart Work Company, LLC

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

"Chuck provides world-class executive coaching and consulting services related to developing high-performing organizations. Chuck's integrity, expertise and experience have made significant contributions in the launch of new business ventures for a global IT consulting firm and in the successful turn around for a major division of a global IT infrastructure firm.
I strongly recommend Chuck."
David Meredith, Senior Vice President, Global IT Company

I want to thank you for all the times you called, supported me and help me face my challenges. You have been the kind of Mentor and Friend that only comes along every once in a while…You have truly made a difference in my life.
Chief Financial Officer, Government Agency

You have been a godsend to me. If it had not been for you I would have given up on building my own business a long time ago.
New Business Owner

I took your advice and had the sponsor who was giving me trouble…she was totally won over by the results she got. Thanks more than I can tell you for the advice…
Workforce Effectiveness Manager, Government Agency.

You have been a godsend to me. If it had not been for you I would have given up on building my own business a long time ago.
New Business Owner

I took your advice and had the sponsor who was giving me trouble…she was totally won over by the results she got. Thanks more than I can tell you for the advice…
Workforce Effectiveness Manager, US Government Agency.


“You're among the most generous facilitators with whom I have ever had the pleasure of studying!!  Your content knowledge is vast and your passion for contribution is inspiring.  I hope to see you again along my Action Learning journey.”
Participant in an Action Learning Foundations course presented under the auspices of the World Institute for Action Learning

"You are truly amazing. The group accomplished a huge feat yesterday. Your leadership skills are what allowed us to leave at the end of the day with a mission statement and a vision of the goals that we want to reach."
Participant - Strategic Planning Retreat

"This was the best off-site I have ever been to…it was creative, fun, and productive."
Government Information Technology Program Manager

"The process which Chuck facilitated is a process which many world-class organizations attempt, some facilitated by well-known and expensive consulting firms… In our brief, half-day session, you were able to successful define a rather vague concept, provide an understanding of the outcome we were seeking, and guide this group through the necessary steps to complete a working document describing the various levels which employees contribute here at our company. The time we spent with you was not only fun and enjoyable but also very constructive. As is basic to your style, you create a wonderfully safe environment where a diverse group of participants are free to explore and share their ideas-scientists and engineers were enthusiastically collaborating with their less technical colleagues." Director of Human Resources - California-based bio-tech company

Strategy and Organization Development

"I'm moving into a new assignment…but before I depart I wanted to make sure that I said thanks for all you have done, and are doing. You've been great and are making a real difference-the organization is changing and this Nation will be all the better because people like you truly care to make a difference. You have gotten your PhD in International Politics, but I suspect you were born with a Doctorate of caring. Thanks for being patient with me and for allowing me to voice my opinions. I've learned from watching you, and will carry this experience with me into my future assignments…"
Strategic Planning Staff Member, US Government Agency