Peer Learning Network
Peer Learning Network


The Peer Learning Network (PLN) is a group of practitioners dedicated to sharing the power of peers helping peers with the dual purpose of bringing people closer together and solving some of our most urgent and important challenges.

We held two U.S.-based PLN Summits in 2017 and 2018 to gather a band of practitioners and advocates for our mission. Planning efforts for a third Summit in Singapore were underway when the COVID-19 crisis hit. We pivoted quickly and came up with the idea to host two free virtual global workshops. The goal of our initiative, called Pay It Forward, was to seize on a golden opportunity to show how effectively peer learning circles can be done virtually, and to start a wave of peer learning circles around the world.

The workshops were held in April 2020 and provided participants an introduction to our basic methodologies as well as an overview of the many applications of peer learning circles. We also provided an opportunity for participants to experience the methods firsthand. Upon the close of each workshop, participants received a set of resources to help launch their own peer circles, thus, paying it forward.

We are now collecting stories from participants about their experiences launching their peer learning circles. They are many and they are inspirational!

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